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Dana Huff
15 March 2009

Prepare a position paper on the use of the World Wide Web for education and training now and in the future. How do you use the web now? How can you see the web used in the future? What changes need to occur in order to reach that future vision? How can you assist in making those changes? Why do you believe your vision is realistic (give 3 reasons)?


I currently use the World Wide Web for a variety of purposes. First, I use the Web for the purposes of communication and collaboration through blogs and wikis as well as other Web 2.0 tools such as Twitter and social bookmarking. I also use the Web to conduct research on information I desire to learn and keep abreast of news and trends in technology and education. I use the Web for entertainment in the form of video, reading, and games. I also use the Web to create projects and lessons for my students and share information with my students. I am currently earning my master's degree in Instructional Technology through use of the Web, in particular Blackboard Course Management Software hosted by Virginia Tech.


I intend to continue to use the Web for all the purposes I currently use the Web. I was intrigued by Joanie Ford's online classroom and would like the opportunity to conduct classes through a virtual campus or online learning system in the future. In addition, I am interested in participating in Webinars for professional development. I would like to increase my use of the Web to communicate and collaborate with others and to help my students communicate and collaborate with others.


In order for me to conduct an online course, I would need to research job opportunities in this area and apply. If accepted, I would need access to the tools and technology needed to conduct such classes (such as the Interact interface described by Joanie Ford in the video lesson the DVD). In order to participate in Webinars, I would need to conduct research to select Webinars on subject matter in which I'm interested and register, if required, for these Webinars. I would need to be given time by my principal to participate in the Webinar if it involves synchronous instruction. In order to communicate and collaborate more online myself, I will need to research and select tools that with enable me to communicate and collaborate. I can obtain some of this information from my professional learning network online, and I can also research social networking and collaboration tools online. I will have to teach my students how to use these tools as well. For example, I just created a Diigo group for my students, but I think some of them have had trouble using it. I have not had the opportunity to take class time to give my students a tutorial on using the tools, although I did provide a video tutorial on our classroom blog. I already seek permission from parents for students to post their work online and teach them safety with regards to personal information.


The best way I can assist in making these goals a reality is researching how to obtain them and make time to complete steps required to obtain them. For instance, if teaching in a virtual school requires a special certification, I will need to find out what that certification is and where I can obtain it. Using the Web to engage in Webinars also requires research as does locating ways to communicate and collaborate online. The biggest factor in being able to meet these goals is time. Right now I do not know what kind of time investment is involved in reaching any of these goals, and my first task should be to find out how long it will take me to reach them and whether it is feasible for me to begin pursuing them now in light of the demands on my time.


I feel my goals are realistic in that others have obviously attained them. Joanie Ford has attained credentials and found a position teaching in a virtual school, so based upon the fact that she has done so, I have every reason to believe that I can also do so. I simply need to research means, cost, methods, and timelines. Participating in Webinars is also a realistic goal in that my school supports professional learning, and I will most likely be given the tools and time to participate in Webinars provided I ask well in advance when possible. In addition, my school supports my efforts at online communication and collaboration both by myself and with students; indeed, these efforts have been celebrated in our two publications, The Shofar and Yachad. In addition, I am provided with the requisite technology tools to enable me to complete these tasks.